Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Susan and Soho

Most of Video Blog #13 was shot almost year ago when Susan first returned to NY from 5 years in LA. She remembers when we used to go out dancing, and when she says that seeing me now is "a little shocking", well ... what DO you say? Its like I'm living a version of that film "Benjamin Button" , only physically mine is on "fast forward", while mentally, to myself and Susan and my Mom and brothers and friends, I'm just regular Jason-at-30. Its hard for all of us to put those two realities together. They seem so incongruous. Those shots of me moving around the kitchen, for example, that's now over in the "way it was" category.

To give you an example of what its like to try to process all this, I was on the phone with a friend,yesterday. While we were talking, I saw someone needing help to get into my apartment building, so I said to my friend, "I'm going to get the door. I'll be right back." And, of course, by the time I got "right back" my friend was laughing and having visions of Buggs Bunny cartoons from the 50's with a happy turtle who would "run-off" to get something and return to find everyone sleeping with cobwebs around them. "I'll be right back", indeed! Sometimes there is nothing to do but laugh.

Video Blog #14
We didn't give this video enough time. We did get a nice cross-section of Soho, where I work, but too small a sample to show the ignorance around MS. Or maybe it shows how important education and cultural context are, when one couple associates the question of MS to that deadly Central American gang "MS-13". One of my friends keeps bugging me to see the South Park episode "Krazy Kripples" from Season 7 (702) when Jimmy and Timmy decide to start a gang called the "Crips". Yeah, as I said in Blog #13, "I'll get right to it."

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