Friday, April 10, 2009

Vitamin D and MS

A great article of Vitamin D deficiency and MS. This is one of the factors that may have caused MS in me. I grew up in Ft. Lauderdale and moved to Vancouver. From a ttropical cllimate to a temperate, grey climate - the highest statistic for getting MS because of vitamin D deficiency is in teens that do this. I moved whe I was 14.

Read the WebMD article here


TedHutchinson said...

The fact that low Vitamin D status may play a role in the onset of MS is now pretty much accepted.
What is also important to remember is that at every stage in the progression of MS low vitamin d status makes thing worse.
There are many many reasons why people with MS should ensure their vitamin D status is equivalent to the NATURAL levels our DNA evolved to attain and maintain while we lived outdoors naked.
Disease Incidence Prevention by Serum 25(OH)D Level shows lowest incidence of MS is found when status is above 54ng so aiming for a natural 6Ong as found in people who spend every day in the sun, will allow a margin of error.
Generally Dr Davis of the Heartscanblog finds most of his Wisconsin patients require 5000~6000iu/daily to achieve that target. After you have been using that amount for 90 day invest in a $40 postal 25(OH)D test to check your level.
if it is below 60ng then add 100iu/daily for every 1ng extra required. If you are above 80ng then you can lower your intake by the same formula.

Mike Matter said...

I've heard about the vitamin D deficiency factor as well. It's hard to keep track of all of this but I think it's great to see that you're putting your story out there. Looking forward to seeing the film,